Problem resolution is a fundamental pillar of the global legal system, and USAC makes problem resolution fair, accessible and transparent to ALL involved.

The United States Arbitration Corporation (USAC) is a regulated entity, organized under Title 29, Washington D.C. Business Organizations Act.

Since 2012, we and our affiliates have helped to resolve more than 60,000 complex client matters, nationwide and globally. Our automated systems have helped thousands more.

There is no problem we haven’t seen.

Our teams of professionals include more than 80 lawyers, accountants, statistics experts, database programmers, and others that work together to resolve your matter.

Solve problems. Let us do the work!

If you must “litigate”, arbitration is often faster, and easier. And when arbitration is not faster, we will aggressively litigate within the courts.

Normally for disputes, it’s NO WIN, NO FEE! For other matters you pay only if resolved the way YOU want it.

With USAC, you are certain of the best possible outcome.


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