Consumer Arbitration FAQ

How can consumer arbitration help me?


How can consumer arbitration help me?

With consumer arbitration, USAC solves problems! Fast!
We will help you with financial disputes or disagreements involving credit cards, medical bills, utility payments, department store cards, product warranties, breaches of contract, poor customer service, and many other types of legal obligations. Often we can also help you with obligations that involve collateral (such as auto loans and mortgages), as well as with many student loans.

If you have an open customer service complaint, or have been damaged or harmed in any way by a business or firm, we can resolve that for you as well.

What are the costs?

You often pay no fees unless we resolve the matter for you, and to your satisfaction. If fully resolved you pay 9 to 16 percent of the total savings you have gained or 15% of any judgment that is issued in your favor. USAC offers one of the best contingency rates in the nation!

How fast can I start?

We can review your matter and give you an opinion determining if our consumer arbitration services are right for you, all within minutes normally.

If for some reason USAC cannot take my case, then what can I do?

We will provide you with a list of options that can help to resolve your issues fast! Our initial review time and recommendations are free of charge.

Can I withdraw at any time if I change my mind?

Although it is very rare that a client or customer wants to withdraw once we begin working, YES you are free to withdraw at any time. Just provide us with 48 hours notice.

Learn more about the consumer arbitration process with articles and resources. See more!

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4 Responses

  1. Where do I normally find the arbitration clause in a cell phone billing dispute?
    I don’t recall getting any written contract when I signed up for service.

    1. All cell phone companies in the US have a contract for services when you purchase services, and/or terms of service on their web sites, or in the overall phone package you received. And most of the companies do require or allow arbitration for any unresolvable dispute or disagreement. Of course you normally do want to work with customer service of the cell phone provider as a first step

    1. Big Fish has a clear and detailed arbitration clause in its terms of service. See those terms as well.
      Those terms and procedures explain how the arbitration will be conducted, fees, location etc.
      USAC can usually assist if needed.

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