Businesses as well as individuals can benefit from low-cost business arbitration and mediation services. Such services are available through USAC, the American Arbitration Association, and other leading U.S. and international arbitration associations. How can you benefit from business arbitration? And is USAC the right choice for you?

About USAC

USAC is a regulated entity organized under Title 29 of the Washington D.C. Business Organizations Act. USAC Arbitrations are handled by tech-enabled legal experts with decades of arbitration experience. They can be contacted directly through email, or post your question to our forum for interactive answers.

About Business Arbitration

All business arbitrations are conducted in an open, transparent manner. Businesses have the choice to participate directly, or to have the process handled completely by arbitration professionals.

Proceedings and results of the arbitration may be kept confidential or may be published in the public record. Judgments are legally binding and enforceable in all 50 states of the United States. NO WIN NO FEE. Businesses normally pay NO COSTS OR FEES unless they largely prevail or win at the arbitration. Many litigation matters already in court can be removed from court and transferred to arbitration AT THE CHOICE OF THE BUSINESS. Arbitration is a foundational pillar of the United States’ legal system, and USAC is here to make arbitration fair, accessible and transparent to ALL involved.

Can your business benefit from low-cost arbitration and mediation?

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