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USAC solves problems and resolves disputes. Fast!

How can you help me?

We will help you with disputes or disagreements involving credit cards, medical bills, utility payments, department store cards, cryptocurrencies, product warranties, contract breaches, poor customer service, and many other types of obligations. We often can also help with tax disputes, immigration matters, and obligations that involve collateral (like auto loans and mortgages), and with many student loans. Even most family law issues can be resolved. Free and low-cost Legal Forms, with USAC attorney support and guidance, are also available to our clients.

If you have an open customer service complaint, or have been damaged or harmed in any way by a business or firm, we can resolve that for you as well.

What are the costs?

Routine matters are normally free or very low cost. If there are agreed fees, you often pay nothing unless we resolve the matter for you, and to your satisfaction. If fully resolved you pay e.g. 9 to 21 percent of the total savings you have gained or 15% of any judgment or cash payment issued to you—one of the best contingency rates anywhere.

How fast can I start?

Immediately. Our staff, AND our automated systems, review your matter and give you an opinion determining if our services are right for you, all within minutes normally.

If you cannot resolve my disputes then what can I do?

Normally we can help. But if for some odd reason we cannot, we will provide you with a list of options that can help resolve your issues fast! And our review time and recommendations are free of charge.

Can I withdraw at any time if I change my mind?

It is very rare that a client or customer wants to withdraw once we begin working, but yes, you are free to withdraw at any time. Just provide us with 48 hrs notice.

What’s my first step in resolving disputes?

Click “Contact” at the top of this page (or below) and email us a one to five sentence description of your matter. Our team will respond within hours. (If you have documents to send please wait until we respond to your initial inquiry. Your total time to get the matter open and started with our team is normally less than four minutes.)

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