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Has a company taken advantage of you and you feel you have no one to turn to?

Problem resolution is a fundamental pillar of the global legal system, and USAC makes problem resolution fair, accessible and transparent to ALL involved. The United States Arbitration Corporation (USAC) is a regulated entity, organized under Title 29, Washington D.C. Business Organizations Act.  More


We are experts dedicated to justice for the last 25 years.

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We listen, and we set a plan.

We can help you with your dispute against even the largest of companies. US Arbitration Corp, will stand up for you and it will often not cost you anything unless we win.
That’s right, we will work for free or low-cost and only take a small percentage if we win on your behalf.

Problems with one of the following, or other issues?
  • Automobile dealer
  • Mobile phone
  • Mortgage
  • Contracts
  • Auto repair
  • Bank
  • Credit card
  • Ride share

We can and will help, it’s what we do!
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T-Mobile Arbitrations

USAC will handle your arbitration with T-Mobile. No fees unless you win! Contact us now! T-Mobile filed a recent motion to compel arbitration in US

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Commercial law with a to innovation

Firstly, we solve problems. WE PROVIDE CREATIVE, PROPRIETARY SOLUTIONS TO MORE THAN 15,000 COMMON LEGAL MATTERS WORLDWIDE. But when necessary, consumers and businesses also benefit from free and low-cost arbitration, litigation, and mediation services. This includes services at the American Arbitration Association and most other leading dispute resolution associations. Worldwide, most legal matters can be transferred to arbitration or mediation AT THE CHOICE OF THE CONSUMER OR BUSINESS.

NO WIN NO FEE. Consumers normally pay NO COSTS OR FEES unless they largely prevail or win at the arbitration or dispute forum. Judgments awarded are binding and enforceable in all 50 states of the United States, and usually worldwide.

USAC Arbitrations are handled by tech-enabled staff experts with decades of arbitration experience.

Arbitrations are conducted in an open, transparent manner where consumers have the choice to participate directly, or to have the arbitration handled completely by arbitration professionals.

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