What is Arbitration?

What is Arbitration? It is a federally recognized out-of-court solution that allows consumers and businesses to settle disputes much more quickly and economically than traditional litigation.

The disputing parties agree to have the issue decided by a neutral third party, and agree to abide by the ruling of the arbitrator.

The arbitrator reviews and hears evidence presented by each side before reaching a decision. Unlike mediation, where the two disputing parties work out an agreement, in arbitration the neutral third party makes the final ruling.

Arbitrations benefit consumers and investors.

It puts them on equal footing in the dispute and allows a legal recourse that is far faster and much less expensive than hiring a lawyer and pursuing litigation.

At US Arbitration Corp we believe that arbitration is one of the strongest pillars of the United States’ legal system.

And still, many consumers aren’t aware that this kind of dispute resolution is available.

The legal process for litigation is very time intensive, and requires a large investment of money up front. This can be overwhelming to some, and exclusionary to many others.

Our goal is to make arbitration accessible, fair, and transparent to ALL parties involved.

US Arbitration Corp gives the little guy the ability to force resolutions to ongoing disputes. This is something that was traditionally only available to companies or individuals with deep pockets.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars to an attorney to file a suit that you may not win, or may take years to resolve.

Let us handle your matter more quickly, for pennies on the dollar.

The best part is, if we are not successful you pay nothing.

That’s right, if we do not succeed there is no cost to you!

Contact our team today, and find out how US Arbitration Corp can help you.

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