Arbitration and Family Law

How Arbitration Can Work for your Family Law Issues

Family law practitioners are increasingly turning to arbitration as an alternative to the family court system. Family cases are often the most nuanced, specialized and complicated of any legal matter.

Every person deserves the ability to have more control over the hearing process. There are many important variables to consider, including the costs, the time spent, privacy considerations, as well as special witnesses and legal experts.

For all of these reasons and more, feel justified in using arbitration in many complex, or even in some simple, cases.

Unlike the court system, arbitration gives you more control over every aspect of your dispute resolution.

More Information on Family Law

USAC has prepared a 60 page report based on our extensive experience in family law. It explains family legal arbitration and how it is changing the hearing process and the law itself.

Whether you are a client or an attorney, find out how USAC can help you with family legal arbitration. Let us help you better resolve the difficult matters — contact us today.

Benefits of Family Legal Arbitration

How does the arbitration process benefit you?

Speed: Compared to litigation, arbitration has a shorter schedule for both the discovery and trial, which means less time spent.

Cost: Due to the abbreviated schedule, court costs and attorney fees are far less than in a traditional court setting.

Input from Client: Instead of being assigned a random judge from the bench, in arbitration both disputing parties have input in selector the arbitrator.

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