Private Divorce and Arbitration


There has been a sharp rise in the number of separating and divorcing couples who opt for a private divorce. “Going private” can help to avoid the long delays, high costs, and stresses of an over-stretched court system.

Increasing numbers are turning to two effective techniques in Financial dispute resolution (or FDR):

Private judging, in which a retired judge gives an expert opinion, and an indication of the eventual outcome.

And Arbitration which is more expedient, and much more personalized to your specific situation. Divorce arbitration is widely considered to be more client-friendly than attending a traditional court session.

If you aren’t able to reach an agreement on your own, you can use the arbitration process, or private judging to review information and arguments from both sides and make informed decisions for you.

Benefits of a Private Divorce

Part of the divorce arbitration process involves having the disputing parties agree on an Arbitrator. The court system assigns a random judge to your proceedings. In arbitration you have more control over who makes that final decision.

Aside for giving you more control in your divorce, the private arbitration features an accelerated timeline. Spending less time on the case means spending less, as well, which makes arbitration more effective with your time and your money.

Contact us now for more information on your options on how USAC can help with a private closed-door divorce!

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