U.S. Arbitration pays $300 for any material that becomes heavily viewed by our users.

Submit an article, legal tip, or any useful information. U.S. Arbitration now pays $300 for any material that becomes heavily viewed by our users. You may submit anonymously or you may request your name and/or email be included with your submission.

Watch if and how your information gets placed and moves throughout our site. From the library (and library archives) to the home page key issues (and everywhere in between), articles move automatically and sometimes manually throughout the site depending on how viewers use and study them. The more prominent the positioning, the higher the ranking.

If the information/article/tip moves to “Key Issues” or any part of the home page, and you see it there and contact us, you will receive your payment from us. And remember, at any time, the subject matter of an article can increase in popularity depending on what’s going on in the world; so even an article hiding in the library archives can jump to key issues in a day.

You can make a difference in someone’s life by sharing your tips, information, helpful hints and the benefit of your experience. That’s what we’re all about and it would be great to have you join us.

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