Employee Arbitration Benefits You

A study finds that employees are three times more likely to win a case by using employee arbitration

A new study argues: Employees are three times more likely to win by using the employer/ employee arbitration process than in court.

Between 2014 nd 2018, employees initiated and prevailed in 32% of all employment arbitrations that were terminated with awards. In contrast, employees initiated and prevailed in only 11% of all employment litigations that were terminated with judgments during the same period.

The traditional litigation system is time-intensive, which makes it cost prohibitive for many employees. There is also the intimidation factor of taking action against your employing business, which may already have a legal team.

Employee arbitration levels the field. It can put you on equal footing, and greatly increase your chances of prevailing in your dispute.

Email us to discuss the details, pro and cons, and to receive the study and our analysis as well!

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